Slide -O- Mix does not function for a longer time? What is the reason?
This may be due to accumulated remnants of old lubricants and hardened grease which can affect the slide’s function.
The frequent use of Slide-O-Mix lubricant can often dissolve these hardened deposits. In this case, you have to wipe the slide very often, up until you can no longer see any dark or green colour on the cleaning rod. There are cases when these hardened greases are so bonded to the slide that the normal use of Slide-O-Mix cannot dissolve them and you have to go to a good repair shop. There, your slide can be polished on the sliding surface so that it is free again.
In other cases, slides don't work the way they should because of mechanical problems even if these cannot be seen easily. In this case, too, a repair shop can help.

New trombone slides have to "get into their stride". This process can take several weeks and needs much effort and patience. Due to the manufacturing process, one can often find sediments caught on the inner surfaces of the outer slides. These sediments start to come free when playing the new instrument and often cause the slide to stick. These dark or green sediments need to be removed very often during the trombone’s “break-in period” by cleaning the inner slide and wiping out the outer slide. After this, you have to prepare the slide anew with Slide-O-Mix. Repeat this procedure until the slide surfaces are clean. You will find that sediments become less and less. For wiping the slide, we recommend our Cleaning Set.

In all cases, it is important to prepare the slide as described in our instructions for use. After this, spray a little water mist and repeat if the slide becomes dry. If you are not happy with the slide action, you can reapply Slide-O-Mix without having to clean the slide every time.

One of the two containers is empty before the other one is. Can I get them single?
Your music store can get all these components individually.

For what do I use the water sprayers?

Our trombone lubricant produces an optimal surface on which the slide can glide without stopping or sticking. In any case, water is always necessary because our preparation takes advantage of water’s gliding properties. The other reason is that, during extended playing, the gliding film wears out and can be "freshened up" with a touch of water.

Is it necessary to clean the slide before every application?
No! Unless the slide has become soiled, it is not necessary to remove old Slide-O-Mix before re-application. Between normal cleaning intervals you only have to reapply one or the other of the two components. With experience, you will easily find the best proportion of the two components for YOUR slide after a short time.
BUT: If all this doesn’t work, your slide is probably soiled with hardened old lubricant deposits. In this case the only way is to: wipe, wipe, wipe!

The emulsion in the bigger container is sometimes thinner, sometimes thicker.
Generally the viscosity (the “thick”ness or “thin”ness) of the 50 ml container can change. This depends on the temperature, shipping or storing conditions. Sometimes the thinner part of the emulsion separates and floats to the upper part of the bottle. The emulsion can be remixed by intensive shaking. An effective way to do this is by holding the bottle’s cap between thumb and forefinger and shaking the bottle vigorously.

In any case: Differences in the viscosity of the bigger bottle has NO influence on the efficacy of Slide-O-Mix

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